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Yo Protector

Yo Protector

We call this the ‘Yo Protector’ because of the evil eye pendant.  The evil eye symbol itself dates as far back as 3,000 B.C when it was believed that you must wear one on your body to protect you from the evil eye curse.  This curse can be laid upon you buy any person who wishes you bad luck or negative energy.  


We have purposely placed this evil eye with the howlite beads as they are known to increase your memory, ability to learn, as well as your desire to expand your knowledge.  The white lava stone also add’s courage and your connection to mother earth.  Together, these all make a perfect recipe for the highest level of positive energy.  


Enjoy this wonderful bracelet :)


Try stacking your bracelets for even more good vibes and savings! Anytime you order three or more bracelets we apply a 15% DISCOUNT.


Remember that if Yo Mala breaks, we will restring it for you at no cost as long as you bring your beads!

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