Yo Luna

Yo Luna

The first stone to mention which also gives this bracelet it’s name is the moonstone jade.  Just like the moon, this gorgeous stone shares similar qualities as it is known to help us balance our inner energies, be receptive, and get in touch with our feminine side. 


The agate stone has been used for over 1000 years by many ancient warriors as protection in battle.  It is said to help improve your focus and bring out your inner warrior.  


The rose quartz is the stone of love and deep friendship.


If someone you love is going through a time of discomfort or difficult times then this is the bracelet for them.


Try stacking your bracelets for even more good vibes and savings! Anytime you order three or more bracelets we apply a 15% DISCOUNT.


Remember that if Yo Mala breaks, we will restring it for you at no cost as long as you bring your beads!