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Yo Dalmatian

Yo Dalmatian

The dalmation jasper stone is mined primarily in Mexico and is known to bring you joy.  It's said to bring out your inner child and release anger and resentment towards others. 


The black lava rock is known to ground us with mother earth and give us strength and courage when it's needed the most.  You can also rub essential oils on the lava stone!


I have also added the Hamsa pendant which has been used in many religions throughout time.  It's unclear exactly which culture first started using this symbol but it' smeant to protect you from the evil eye, or other forms of evil. 


Try stacking your bracelets for even more good vibes and savings! Anytime you order three or more bracelets we apply a 15% discount.


Remember that if Yo Mala breaks, we will restring it for you at no cost as long as you bring your beads!



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